So by now a lot of people know this but… I joined Shareaholic! We make it easier to share content on the web. Have a blog? Use our widget.

Shareaholic for WordPress

Shareaholic for Tumblr (and all other sites!)

Essentially, I’ll be doing marketing…. (And then some.)

There’s been much written about how to choose which startup to work for. (No seriously, read this.) There’s much to consider. Startuplife, like any job you want to kick ass at, is a huge commitment. So think about it. But to be candid, I feel like sometimes you make choices in life that are very well-thought-out, calculated, rational and make complete sense. You choose the clear-cut path. Other times, you make choices because your heart won’t let you choose otherwise. You JFDI. For some reason, in my life, whether it was moving to Boston, joining oneforty, breaking off certain relationships… the decisions I didn’t overthink worked out best.

Shareholic is a legit business with incredible traction and interesting problems to solve. I love the team and I love marketing. That’s all the information I needed.

I sort of look at this as a very big and exciting step, the next chapter in a story that started at oneforty.

(me on my first day at oneforty)

One day can really change your life.

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