How To Choose A Business Center For Your New Start-Up

Besides having to some up with an excellent idea that can rapidly ensure the success of your start-up, plan ahead your marketing strategies and think of the outsourcing or partnership support you will need, you have another crucial aspect to worry about; finding the most affordable, yet the most customer-appealing land venues for your business. Depending on the line of work you are planning on doing – products or service sales, counseling or guidance, or something related to the gaming industry, you will need to find the ideal property to host your personnel and chosen tools of work – desks, computers, servers, printers, fax machines, roulette tables, waiting rooms and so on. The Francis Properties we are currently enlisting could prove to be exactly what you need to get you started on the right food. We are here to provide you with the guidance you need and recommend the best choices for your limited starting budget.    

Pick The Most Convenient Location With Us

Whether you are interested in the El Paso, Eastside, Westside or Northwest side areas, we are able to display a wide array of location choices for any industry you might be involved in. the amenities each of our spaces comes with will make sure all of your needs will be catered to, no matter if you wish to start a new land casino in the area or simply install a few slots machines inside your new bar. All spaces come with restrooms and access to the major highways and interstate roads, so you shouldn’t worry about not having sufficient client visibility. Read the Tropez Casino review using this link and get an idea of the type of games and amenities passionate casino gamblers are into. For instance, these fellows are offering an excellent 5% deposit bonus for new members making their first deposit online using one of the alternative payment options. In parallel, you could think of providing your new players with free drinks or food – also as an alternative to the welcome bonus deal offered by Tropez. The casino has a rich selection of flash and downloadable games and it is available on a 24/7 basis.

The Twitter Effect and the Arab Spring

It cannot be denied that the internet has had a revolutionary effect on the way we interact and share information. It is no coincidence that one of the most lively debates of the early 21st century has been related to the value of privacy and liberty over security online as Governments race to gain control over cyberspace. A perfect example is China: who have used strict regulations and censorship of the internet in an attempt to conceal corruption in the political system and crack down on political dissent.

There is good reason why Governments all across the world seek to control internet use. Most professional journalists agree that the internet has revolutionised political activism, from Occupy to Anonymous, and  provided ample opportunity for the spread of information, taking that power from the media and placing it into the hands of ordinary people.

One of the most oft cited examples of this is the Arab Spring. Between March and July 2011, the number of protests which took place in Egypt, Yeman, Bahrain, Libya, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Palestine doubled compared to the year before and this is largely attributed to the use of Facebook to organise and inform people about protests. In fact, in both Tunisia and Europe, over 80% of Facebook usage within the two countries to inform or organise in ways directly related to the revolution. In the Twittersphere, the most popular topics in the area were #Egypt, #Libya, #Jan25, #Bahrain and #Protest. Of course, these results could be skewed by the fact that internet use in these countries is limited – only 4.3% of Libyans have access to Facebook – and the picture may be different if applied to a country with far greater access to the internet. However, the internet had a huge impact on the movement, which may not have been possible if relying on the official press.

The internet is a useful tool for organisation and freedom of information in social movements. However it is also important to remember that the internet, and with it the ability to share information on a mass scale, has provided lots of opportunities for entertainment. In this way, you can also use the internet as a way to unwind, perhaps through downloading music, films or even books! You can even partake in some online gambling, with a huge range of sites which would not exist without the internet – allowing you to take your pick of which sites will offer you the best bingo bonus and promotional deals.

So from organising social revolutions to offering consumers the best value for money in all industries, social media such as Twitter has a lot to answer for.


Turn Your Hobby Into A Startup

So you have a lot of hobbies; what which of them really spins your wheels, keeps you engaged and happy every time you embrace it? It might be gardening or collecting antiques or old music records. Ultimately it’s the passion you have for these things that gets renewed over and over again. And you never seem to get bored. So how about you combine your undeniable passion for your hobby with a clever marketing idea that could result in one of the greatest business ventures ever? Making money out of a passion is after all the dream and goal we all strive to achieve.


Why Turn Your Hobby Into A Business?


Because there are many benefits to it. For starters, you know everything here is to know about your hobby, hence, about your future business details. You know what to do to make it successful even before you start it up. You will however need to allocate some time to dong research on the passion your business will revolve around. This way you will create an entire plan, establish clear objectives and milestones and plan everything ahead. If you would like to create a gaming site and you have the site in mind as an example of a site for passionate lottery players, go from there. the power of example is pretty great. Keep in mind you will be connected to your hobby turned into a genuine business on a regular non-stop basis.


The main difference is that you will no longer be exclusively doing your hobby for your personal pleasure, but rather to make a living out of it. So there will be quite an amount of stress piling up. The solution to release some of the pressure is to find an entrepreneur who is interested in partnering up with you. Take part of the responsibilities and tasks off your shoulders. And make sure you start your business as a part-time thing at first, so you get a feel of it.  

How can social media help online casinos?

Social media has become an absolutely central part of the lives of millions of people around the world in the modern, digital era, with the big social platforms like Facebook and Twitter become more and more popular. These sites have user-bases in the millions which makes them a superb way for companies of all kinds to get the word out there about any new offers they may have, or share the latest hot news about their business. One type of business that has found this particularly helpful is the online casino field, with sites like being assisted with brand promotion and creation of viral adverts.

What has contributed massively to the popularity of social media – and what makes it really useful for businesses – is the connection it can create between companies and customers. People who use Facebook are able to ‘like’ a particular brand or business that they use, and this will ensure that they are then linked to it and receive the latest updates posted on its official Facebook page. People who are friends with that person will then be able to see that they have ‘liked’ the online casino – or other company page – and are more likely to follow suit. Furthermore, instead of passively waiting for people to like their pages, companies such as online casino ones are using the information people put on their Facebook profiles to locate people with interests in casino games like poker and roulette or other types of betting, and targeting them with adverts.

In terms of direct interaction between companies like online casinos and customers, Twitter can be even more helpful. If a customer playing at one of these sites follows its official Twitter page, they can ‘mention’ them directly in Tweets (or direct message them), which can be useful in enabling the casino sites to answer questions or deal with website problems, quickly – which is key to good customer service.

These are not the only social media sites that can be helpful to online casinos, as the video sharing site Youtube presents the opportunity for them to produce video content like tutorials for more complex games like poker and blackjack and how-to advice for first time casino gamers. The more they provide interesting, high quality content, the more people using the site will talk about them and the games, promotional offers and other services they offer, making it a great way to bring new customers to their sites.

Things To Do In Mystic

Mystic is a seaside city in Connecticut where all people interested in a wide range of water activities are going to find plenty of things to do and see; but Mystic does not solely address the travelling needs of the maritime passionate.


Mystic Attractions For Sea Passionate


You can choose to set sail for an entire weekend full of adventures here, check out the seafaring village, or visit the exciting Mystic Aquarium and take photos of the impressive beluga whales, cute dolphins, and seals. Big seafood fan? No problem, the numerous restaurants hosted by buildings dating back form Colonial times will keep your taste buds happier than ever. And after a tasty fresh fish-based meal you can check out the gift shops and get souvenirs for everyone at home. And as a useful tip for those of you who do not wish to eat seafood the whole time while you will be visiting here, Mystic also has a cool Mystic Pizza restaurant where you can enjoy some fine Italian pizza recipes. Julia Roberts herself made this pizza place famous through the movie with the same name. For those of you interested in some enhanced phone call analytics features, the site is a good place to start.


If you have kids and you plan on taking them along on your journey to Connecticut, feel free to do it. The seaside city is also drenched in plenty of eating venues specially catering to children’s needs, providing them with lots of crayons and means of entertainment suitable for their age. But do not worry, you will have plenty of other chances of keeping your kids entertained and even work on boosting their education a little here. The Foxwoods or the Mohegan Sun casino will keep adults busy and entertained also. And a visit at the Mystic Seaport will enable you to climb on whaling ships, personally raise sails, and make the most of the biggest maritime museum in the United States.






The Internet Is Like a High School Cafeteria

I’ve been thinking a lot about content lately and how that relates to buyer personas. Mostly what I’ve been considering is this: How does a company with several buyer personas (some of whom would be interested in us for very different and completely unrelated reasons) access different people with content?

Lately I’ve been feeling like the internet isn’t just one echochamber – it’s a bunch of little echochambers. There are bloggers who blog about blogging and go to conferences about blogging with other bloggers. Craft bloggers talk to other craft bloggers. Recipe bloggers talk to other recipe bloggers. Personal finance bloggers talk to other personal finance bloggers. There’s so much content being created and shared and curated that there’s little choice other than to join an echochamber in order to handle it as a consumer. But what do you do if you’re a marketer who needs to appeal to multiple… well…echochambers?

Is there a way to cover every topic of the relevant echochambers that matter to your business, but do it in a way that maintains a consistent theme so you don’t seem unfocused and confuse your audience?

Discovery vs. Sharing

Every so often I don’t know if I should publish something on the Shareaholic blog or if I should publish it over here. On this one, it’s very much written from my personal opinion and point of view so I thought I’d throw it over here.

We’re starting to publish more data we get on how people share content and how that sharing leads to website traffic. Our two latest reports:

February Referral Traffic Report – Pinterest is killing it and actually outpaced Twitter for referral traffic in February.

Next, we published our top sharing platforms for February in Marketing Charts. The data shows that people actually share more to Facebook than they do other sites, including Pinterest.

So… wtf, right? How come Pinterest ranks so high for referral traffic but not for shares? The difference, as pointed out to me by my boss Jay, is discovery vs. sharing. Some social networks are more popular for sharing, while others are more popular for discovery.

Think about the number of people who upload video to YouTube vs the (much larger) number of people who watch YouTube videos. It’s unclear what the first number is (YouTube says 60 hours of video are uploaded every minute) but they say around 4 billion videos are viewed each day. I think Pinterest is along the same vein. It appears to me that while many people are pinning, they are discovering content and clicking through on it even more. It is also worth noting that re-pins can’t be included in our statistics as we count original shares from our plugin and browser extension.

Furthermore, what could this mean for marketers who use Pinterest? It seems like a smaller percentage of people are driving the original Pins (sharing) while many others are discovering, re-pinning, and clicking through on those images. Do I hear “Pinterest influencers” in our future? Roll your eyes (I did as I typed that) but yes. I think so.

Does the discovery vs. sharing thing make sense to you? Am I crazy? Let me know in the comments.

Social Rant’s New Spring Outfit

I don’t do it often, but this weekend I finally got around to giving the blog a slightly different look. I’m considering a background and a header image, but for right now I was happy to get a happier looking layout going on the blog. Each time I do this I discover a few favorite plugin to help me, so I wanted to share the new one.

The Google Fonts plugin easily allows you to add fonts from the Google Fonts Directory to your blog. So if you’re not the most technically inclined like myself and tend to forget to dot your i’s and cross your t’s in CSS stylesheets, this is a good match for you. It let’s you select the exact text (H1, H2) you want to customize and pick the font you want to change it too. They also give you a little CSS box for you to put any additional stuff in – like bolded or uppercase styling.

Google fonts plugin

I wish they showed an actual preview of the font in the WP admin panel so I would know what I was selecting without having to keep an additional tab open for the Google Fonts Directory. But still, it made the font selection process a whole lot easier than it has been before so I’m happy with it.

This was a very good, basic blogging reminder for me: if there is something you want to do with your blog with design or widgets or features, there’s probably a plugin that will take care of it for you! Don’t work hard, work smart. And get back to blogging. :)

Pin This, Not That: A Bizarre Nugget of Pinterest

Clearly Pinterest has gotten its due hype lately, and the data my company has discovered has added to such coverage. Pinterest is on a tear! While I’m happy for them, I do find it necessary to call out a strange little nugget of the site that causes me huge concern. There’s a trend of “Thinso” or “Thinspiration” boards that seem to glorify unrealistic body images and I think it’s a negative thing for the Pinterest users.

Back in the days of Xanga and Live Journal, “Pro-Ana” or Pro-Anorexia sites sprung up around the internet. On these kinds of sites, people with eating disorders wouldn’t gather for support or treatment, but rather, to encourage each other to pursue a lifestyle of starvation by posting pictures of skeletal models and odd motivational statements to discourage eating. It wasn’t good.

Being that fitness is one of the categories of boards and people I searched for to get started on Pinterest, I definitely found some weird stuff and it has me concerned. I love the visual posts showing instructions of exercise moves and pictures of healthy recipes. Those are actions you can take toward a heathy lifestyle or even a goal of losing a few pounds. But just staring at a skeletal, photoshopped picture of a model is anything but inspiring – it’s defeating and most of all is unhealthy and unrealistic.

Luckily I’ve seen the community policing itself. I’ve seen people posting on those hashtags asking people to stop with those kinds of images. I hope people continue to police it and continue to realize that this is a negative thing. Pinterest seems to be so popular among young women and that also is the demographic that can be more prone to eating disorders. We need to watch out for each other.

National Eating Disorders Awareness Week is February 26-March 3. There’s no time like the present to be self-aware of how the images we surround ourselves with online influence how we feel about ourselves. I love nutrition and health, and I think we need more of that and less of these bizarre, fake pictures. I encourage us all to surround ourselves and our fellow pinners with positivity – visuals of actions we can take towards healthy lifestyles (recipes, workouts) rather than self-defeating unrealistic photos of models.

Social Rant’s Top Blog Posts of 2011

So excited to launch this new blogger tool from Shareaholic today! Here are my top blog posts from 2011, brought to you from a new tool I’ve been working on at Shareaholic. What do you think?