I’m Taking on New Clients

Ok. It’s Monday and there’s a lot of internet to do, so I’m going to keep this quick. I’m taking on new clients!

Since November 2013 I’ve been doing marketing consulting for a variety of startups, and I have room in the schedule this fall for a few more. I’m still doing marketing consulting while working on Cube Riot since we’re bootstrapping right now, and I’m equally committed to both.

This page right here explains more about my experience working in-house and the kinds of stuff I’ve been doing for startups with consulting. (I’m legit!)

Essentially, I’d describe myself as a well-rounded marketer with experience in a variety of channels, tactics, and industries. I sit somewhere in the middle between the qualitative and the quantitative. I can write and I care deeply about branding, but I’m also not afraid to jump into the data and work with your team to make decisions based off of that. And on that note, I’d say I’m decisive… more and more so now these days having my own startup. I get things done. If we work together, we’ll get things done. And it’ll be fun.

I’m comfortable filling in the gaps between the founding team and a first-time marketing hire as well as contributing a short-term project to an existing marketing team. I also LOVE managing and mentoring other marketers and have had great experiences teaching young marketers and interns what I know both working in-house and as a consultant.

Basically, if you need help getting people excited about your products or if your marketing team could use an extra set of hands, let’s talk. I’d love to hear about what’s going on and see if I can help or if I know someone else who can. My email is janetaronica@gmail.com.

4 Lessons From a Year of Marketing Consulting for Startups

A few weeks ago I filled in for a marketing class at Startup Institute. It was a super last minute thing, so I spent most of the time just answering random questions about startups and marketing. People tell me it was actually helpful.

At some point during the chat, one gentleman told me: “You should start a marketing agency!”

I smiled.

“I did.”

Quietly over the past year, I’ve done marketing consulting for almost a dozen startups while working on Cube Riot — my line of blazers for professional women launching this fall. The one year point sounds like a decent time for some learnings, so here’s what I’ve got for ya. [Read more…]

Techy People Google Things Too

A few months ago my friend sat down with me to figure out a website thing that I’d been stuck with for weeks.

Long story short: After weeks of Googling, watching screencasts, and getting lost in a seemingly endless trail of forum threads, I still couldn’t figure out how to do this on my own.

We sat down at a coffee shop and he helped me out.

When he got stuck, Googled he did. [Read more…]

Marketing an Ethical Fashion Company Without Being Preachy


I get psyched about ethical fashion and it’s a main reason why I started Cube Riot.

The full story is deserving of another post, but my interest in where our stuff gets made comes from reading a book about a year ago called Overdressed, which is kind of like Fast Food Nation but for the fashion industry… but so so much better and life-changing for ladies of a particular generation raised on $4 t-shirts at Forever 21 and overpriced garbage at Abercrombie. [Read more…]

Pick One Big Audience

This conversation keeps coming up with fellow founders and consultants so wanted to share my thoughts.

Oftentimes, you look at a startup’s website and you see them describing themselves as being “The _____ for everyone.”

I have to admit, I really hate this approach. But I appreciate how hard it is to narrow down.

The reality is, the goal shouldn’t be to focus on everyone. The goal should be to tightly focus on a big audience. [Read more…]

How I Picked a New Name for My Startup

My big accomplishment this month: I changed my company’s name from House of Betsy to Cube Riot, so now you can find us at CubeRiot.com and as “CubeRiot” on all social media channels.

Transitioning away from something that overtly called out the Made in the USA thing (Betsy = Betsy Ross, maker of the American flag) was tricky for me. But after a lot of thought, it felt right.

I worry about the garment industry becoming “green washed” the way that the organic food movement has. For a mainstream audience, the quality and fit of the product matters most. The fact that something is made in the US or uses organic fabric is usually an added bonus, not a core feature. [Read more…]

How to Have An Opinion

My political opinions generally sway to the left, but more than anything they are based on the facts I know about just a few topics. It’s a big, confusing world out there. So, I sink my efforts into knowing the hell out of a few things and vote accordingly.

This also impacts how I talk about politics. If I don’t know a ton about a topic, I’m less inclined to take a strong opinion about it if it comes up in conversation. [Read more…]