I love me some Maria Shriver, and I think as a Communications graduate this was particularly special to me.

My favorite parts:

“But I ask you to do this because it will allow you to take a moment. It will allow you to stop, to look up, to look around, and to check in with yourself. It will allow you to spend a moment. I hope when you do that you will feel your strength and your vulnerability. I hope it will allow you to acknowledge your goodness and not to be afraid of it. I hope it will give you an opportunity to look at your darkness, and I hope you will work to understand it. It will give you the power to choose which one you want to put out into this world. Women, I hope you will look at your toughness and your softness, you can and should make room for both. This world needs both of those qualities. Men, I hope you find your gentleness and I hope you wrap it in your manliness. I hope you make room for both. The greatest men do.” (14:00)

“Courageous people are often very afraid, in fact, that’s why they need courage in the first place – in order to face their fears.” (18:40)


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