About Me

Hi! I’m Janet.

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Here’s stuff about me:

Cube Riot

I’m the founder of Cube Riot. We’re a fun brand for the modern career woman and we’re launching our first product, a line of blazers, this fall. Sign up for our newsletter to get in on the action.

Marketing Consulting

While getting Cube Riot off the ground, I’m doing marketing consulting. I help startups with marketing strategy — user acquisition, messaging… you name it. After working for startups for five years and starting my own, I haven’t “seen it all”, but I’ve seen a lot, and I’m always pumped to share that with other startups. I’m well-rounded and have experience in a variety of marketing channels and tactics, so if you need help getting people psyched about your products, we should talk.

Currently, my big project is helping coUrbanize, a long time client, launch their consumer marketing strategy and scale B2B marketing. It’s awesome and I’m so excited with how it’s coming along.

This Blog

Over the years I’ve written about a wide array of topics on this blog, always under a general theme of sharing my journey with others and hoping they find something useful in the content.

This blog goes back to 2008, my senior year of college. It follows my time trying to get a PR job during a recession, moving to Boston (after skipping a midterm to do a bunch of informational interviews and then moving here for a $10/hour internship…YOLO?), getting into the startup thing, and now going off on my own.

Time flies! Luckily, I’d say the writing has improved along the way.

If you’re ever bored on the T or need some reading material between flights, here are a few posts I’m most proud of:

Me, The Person

On the personal side, here’s me:

I’m 28 and I live in Boston in the North End. For fun I run (training for a 1/2!) and do spin classes (Flywheel!) and drink wine and coffee. I work too much, I’m super career focused, and I’ll never stop trying to leave the world a better place than how I found it. However, I’m really close to my friends and family. They make it all worth it, and I bend over backwards to carve out time for fun with them.

The more I do startups the more I can say that it’s so important to have that group of people that’d love you no matter what you do for a living. It’s all about that balance, however you define it. Some days it’s an entire day at the beach with friends. Some days it’s a 15 minute phone call or simply texting someone back. Either way, I feel grateful that I have these people. (If you guys ever wander over to this page and read this, you know who you are. I love you.)

That’s all for now. You can say hi to me on Twitter @JanetAronica to chat more if you want. :)