About Me

Hey! I’m Janet. I’m a marketing consultant helping startups with user acquisition and retention. I’m well-rounded and have experience in a variety of channels. Previous experience includes: Content Marketing Manager, Localytics; Head of Marketing, Shareaholic, Director of Marketing and Community, oneforty (acquired by HubSpot). This is my LinkedIn if you’d like to learn more.

Over the years I’ve written about a wide array of topics on this blog, always under a general theme of sharing my journey with others and hoping they find something useful in the content. This blog goes back to 2008, my senior year of college. It follows my time trying to get a PR job during a recession, moving to Boston, getting into the startup thing, and now going off on my own with consulting. Time flies! Luckily I’d say the writing has improved along the way.

My “side hustle” is House of Betsy, a socially-conscious fashion project.  I’m passionate about re-igniting American manufacturing, believe leadership is about lifting others up, and see professional fashion for women as a pathway to bridge these ideas.

I also blog for Marketing on the Rocks with my three best friends, who are also marketers.

You can follow me on Twitter @JanetAronica.